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Mata Biru Ikan Bilis Size XL 大金线 5-6cm 500G/1KG/2KG

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Mata Biru Ikan Bilis Size XL 大金线 5-6cm 500G/1KG/2KG Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Whole extra-large Gold Line Ikan Bilis that are rich in calcium, iron, Omega 3 Fatty Acid and protein. Extra-large Ikan Bilis can withstand higher heat temperature and are suitable for deep frying. Our Ikan Bilis do not contain artificial preservatives and are sun-dried with salt only. Each package is sealed tightly to ensure safe delivery and to maintain the product’s freshness. This Ikan Bilis will need the heads removed, organs cleaned and peeled before you use them as a cooking ingredient. 

Best used as an ingredient for soups. 

An Original Pangkor Island Produce 

All our products are hand-picked and hand processed from start to finish at the production line here on the island. As opposed to the more conventional convection drying, all of Quality Fishery Trading products are naturally sun-dried with lesser salt content to preserve the intense, authentic flavours that Pangkor Island products are known for. 

超大型金线Ikan Bilis,富含钙,铁,Omega 3脂肪酸和蛋白质。 虽然是大金线可是也适合油炸,炸出来也非常香脆。 我们的Ikan Bilis不含人造防腐剂,仅用盐晒干。 每个包装都紧密密封,以确保安全运输并保持产品的新鲜度。 在将Ikan Bilis用作烹饪原料之前,需要先将其头部去掉,将器官清洁并去皮。



我们所有的产品都是在岛上的生产线上从头到尾手工挑选和手工加工的。 与更常规的对流干燥相反,我们Quality Fishery Trading所有产品都经过自然晒干,盐分含量较低,以保留邦咯岛产品所独有的强烈正宗风味。



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