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Mata Biru Ikan Bilis Little Ngan Yu Zhai 小银鱼 250G/500G/1KG

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Mata Biru Ikan Bilis Little Ngan Yu Zhai 小银鱼 250G/500G/1KG Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Little Ngan Yu Zhai mixed which is have 40-50% of Ngan Yu Zhai and mixed with 50% of Pure Ngan Yu Zhai. Small and don't have to peel, also being rich in calcium, iron, Omega 3 Fatty Acid and low in cholesterol, Little Ngan Yu Zhai are suitable to be fed to the entire family. Our Ikan Bilis do not contain artificial preservatives and are sun-dried with salt only. Each package is sealed tightly to ensure safe delivery and to maintain the product’s freshness.

Best used in dishes such as: 

Food made for babie/toddlers
Deep fried as snacks 
A variety of cooking dishes 

An Original Pangkor Island Produce 

All our products are hand-picked and hand processed from start to finish at the production line here on the island. As opposed to the more conventional convection drying, all of Quality Fishery Trading products are naturally sun-dried with lesser salt content to preserve the intense, authentic flavours that Pangkor Island products are known for. 

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