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Dried Sakura Shrimp 樱花虾干 (虾皮) 500G/1KG

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Dried Sakura Shrimp 樱花虾干 (虾皮) 500G/1KG Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Dried Sakura Shrimp is small and thin. After being dried, it is so thin that it is just a layer of skin. Therefore, the name of "Xiapi" are cames from this

Shrimp skin is a very nutritious seafood. We often use it as the first choice for calcium supplementation in foods. Shrimp skin is good and cheap, and has a wide range of uses. It can be used for soup, stir-fry, stuffing, and seasoning. In home cooking, shrimp skin tofu, shrimp skin rapeseed, shrimp skin chives, shrimp skin spring onions, shrimp skin carrot soup, etc., are all delicious dishes. It can be used to enhance the freshness and flavor of various dishes and soups. It is an indispensable seafood condiment in Chinese and Western dishes.

樱花虾干 (虾皮) 体小、皮薄.干制后很薄使人感到只是一层皮。“虾皮”一名由此而来


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