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'Mui Hiong' Ikan Masing Pisang 梅香黄花咸鱼 250G

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'Mui Hiong' Ikan Masing Pisang 梅香黄花咸鱼 250G Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

When making 'Mui Hiong' salted fish, the fresh fish needs to be fermented for one or two days, and then salted for seven or eight days. After drying, it will produce a unique fragrance, the meat is soft, and the salty tastes fragrant. Many people use 'Mui Hiong' salted fish to steam pork belly, or chop with meat to steam into meatloaf, like the famous special dish of Guangdong’s salted fish and chicken cube fried rice, the salted fish used in it is the 'Mui Hiong' salted fish.

In addition, fried the 'Mui Hiong' salted fish to match with rice or porridge is super delicious!



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